Sunday, September 23, 2007


For no particular reason I'd like to say a little bit about our nephew, Chucky. For one thing, the kid's a powerhouse. From dawn to midnight, every day of the week, I've never met anyone who could match this kid in energy. And he's a sweet kid, at that. Sometimes I think that if we could just harness the energy beaming out of one of his smiles our country could solve our energy crisis in the blink of an eye. The kid's also got a hell of a lot of intestinal fortitude. Some call it commitment. I call it the human spirit which comes to us from on high. As a toddler he started loving the gridiron greats from the Emerald City--the Seattle Seahawks. He stood firm for them growing up in a family of SF49'er Fanatics. Pretty gutsy if you ask me. He loves my wife, Terese, his "Auntie T" and our toddler, Sonny, as if he's known them all his life, which I guess he has, in a way, because his magnificent heart has always come from a place of love. He'll never know how much it means to me. So here's to you, Chucky. I hear you're entering cyberspace soon and the net will be so much better for it. What do you say?